Amanda’s Journal: March 31, 2005

Thursday, March 31, 2005

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The day before we left Philly Tobin and I went to the Dali exhibits at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. WOW! What a retrospective. We really witnessed what felt like the entire curve of his life. There was so much to think about and I have a feeling that I will be thinking on his work and his words for some time now. Right off the bat there was something that I just could not ignore and that was his classicism. In the midst of his surrealist world Dali was a classicist. This really struck me on a personal level as it is that pull and juxtaposition that I feel within my work and myself. I am on a journey where I may find my way of marrying my classical self and training with my modern and abstract ideas. This fellowship with Siobhan (Sue) is one of the steps I am taking on my journey. I have decided to keep a web log as much to remember this experience as to share it with anyone who may cross its path.

Arrived in London Yesterday. It had been a whirlwind of a time leading up to our departure from Philly so I am easing into these few days I have before I start working with Sue on Monday. I can take my time getting over the jet lag and can enjoy getting back in touch with friends I have not seen since September.

Of course there is heavy fog and a light sprinkle in the air but that seems to be the norm and the weather is quite mild so I will go with it. The grey in the air makes any color really pop and the flowers are really amazing so there seems to be some sort of a balance. Anyway, settling in just fine. We inaugurated our first night by having a curry, the national dish!