Amanda’s Journal: April 14, 2005, Thursday

Thursday, April 14, 2005

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Okay, I have not written in a while. Sorry. Well I have written but it has been more for myself. I will share it at a later date. I have been writing some thoughts and ideas in more of an essay form. And I have been doing that by hand as it is just quicker for me to get out a pen and paper and start free stylin’. Plus my handwriting is more like chicken scratch so people cannot really read over my shoulder. Sue has been working on “White Man Sleeps” and “Bird Song” so there has not been much for me as of yet. However, it has been really good to watch Sue dissect her own work. While revisiting “Bird Song” they are reworking some sections that Sue did not feel were working as she had intended so they are starting over in some cases- well, not so much starting over but really going back to the essence of a section and taking out what didn’t work, or changing the concept for the movement, which can mean more exercises to get what Sue is really after. I have really enjoyed being involved on that level and feel some sense of relief in knowing that I can go back to anything, at any time, and change whatever I just don’t think is working. And I mean completely change it if I feel the need. How liberating!

Tobin and I have joined a group of Philadelphia artists and presenters in Utrecht for the Springdance Festival. This will be a week of seeing work by emerging artists from around the globe. There is some interesting work on the program so I am sure to have a lot to think about- good and bad! We saw a show tonight of a Brazilian Hip Hop company who was really taking that dance form into the contemporary dance realm. The dancers played with the rhythms and footwork of their street dance styles and began to abstract and deconstruct them to create some really interesting and beautiful movement. On a lighter note, Tobin and I went to have a bite for lunch today and had quite a fun time of translating the menu from the Dutch. I ended up with the “healthy” sandwich, which was a small baguette with some cheese and salad. Not so bad. Tobin ordered the cheese sandwich, which was just a small baguette with cheese and butter. Yum! Of course, in typical “you get what you get” traveler fashion, we ordered two French coffees thinking we would get some lovely and delicious dark roast, creamy coffee but… we ended up with a coffee loaded up with Grand Marnier and whipped cream.  Whoa! Welcome to Holland