Amanda’s Journal: April 19, 2005, Tuesday

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

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Concept for a piece- “ Six Degrees of Contamination”

Or- “How do I move beyond what William Forsythe is doing?”

Is that even possible?

Well it has to be as everyone dies at some point and can, therefore, not continue to direct his or her own work. So… How do I move myself away from or perhaps within/ without my technique?

Question- no, maybe comment- A work’s technique or movement aesthetic should work within/ without the conceptual question of the work. There should be a natural or organic link between the vocabulary and the content. Ok. ??? No. Maybe it is just that the movement aesthetic should not be a superfluous add-on to the context? Hmm.

Why do I wonder about this all the time? What is my obsession with technique? So… See this leads right back to the concept for a piece “Six Degrees of Contamination.” Or, “What the hell language do I speak in?” (In what language do I speak?)

Inspirations- Bill T. Jones’ solo where he improvises and speaks on the improvisation; Linguistic Theologist who I met via Sue- ‘second phase contamination’ in relation to how one speaks and puts together languages and phrases and words; Merce Cunningham’s thought that a dancer must dance in silence and pay attention only to the rhythm of the others around him or her; Simon Dove and the eternal Question (perhaps a little inside joke for those of us attending the Spring Dance Festival- perhaps only funny to me); Jerome Bel’s work for and about Veronique Doisneau and her life in the corps de ballet; My own personal struggle with how I can say what I want to say and with what language.

So… all in all, I would say that this trip both to work with Sue and to the Springdance Festival has been a raging success so far in that it has provoked an unbelievable amount of thought and personal reflection. As for my time with Sue I am just at the beginning, as for the Springdance festival we are on our last day.