Amanda’s Journal: April 6, 2005, Wednesday

Wednesday, April 6, 2005

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Late at night here, almost 2am, trying to take this time with the house quiet to catch up on the journal. Our apartment not ready till the weekend and staying with Pete while he house-sits in Chiswick. Makes it easy to get to work. I just get up and we work all day in the house. He has a studio set up in one of the many rooms. We spent the first day going over music for Chelsea-Chelsea. It was a chance to review the act of reading music and get caught up on the Chelsea Chelsea project, which I will be doing video imagery for. Basically trying to get used to reading music again. We have been thinking of tasks I can do that will help speed the process. Tommorow I will be looking at a work he is doing for Juliard, and soon will be knees deep in ” Saccades and Fixations.” I am still spending part of my day thinking about the Mahler piece. Been talking a lot with Pete about it. It looks as though he will be doing some “re-composing” of Mahler for the show. I am still consolidating my thoughts for the piece, and I have the most difficult task of putting my ideas into writing to send out to the choreographers, composers, designers, etc. At this point is a number of sketches and thoughts and images. It does feel good to be narrowing it down, and trying to clarify the ideas.

I have a feel for what I will be playing with image-wise for Saccades.., just a textural and color pallete sort of feel, see how it changes as it progresses, but as for now. sharp, shiny, bright almost anime colors, textures–lighter than air–feathers, ping pong balls, constructions of fishing line, the creation of 3 dimension projection space composed of particles. That is what is floating in my head. This is a pure gut reaction, at this point based on nothing else but the images that appear in response to words, or slight suggestions. It will be a long journey. Maybe this is just what I want to play with right now.

It is interesting though, I have a number of shows and projects at once, and I feel myself wanting to explore in different directions with each one. Don’t know what that means yet, or in which ways the ideas will merge. Chelsea Chelsea, which is a live feed to a performance in Chelsea New York, from Chelsea London, for the Lincoln Center Jazz Festival – I think will be an experiment for me in still vs moving image, and will also be live improvised. This improvisation – or structured improvisation with video is something I am very interested in. The Chelsea Chelsea gig should bring up some new thoughts toward this. The gig is supposed to be ongoing, touring to different same named cities-so that too will be an interesting journey–as I imagine it will adapt to each new venue. My interest in the improvising and live video manipulation came from the experiences with Rennie Harris. This reached a height when we live improvised Scarecrow at NJPac. I discovered things during the show, ways to manipulate the image, that I don’t think I would have discovered any other way.

I definitely am leaning towards Saccades to explore three dimensional space more, open space, and how to utilize these musicians , who move in a limited way, are more stationary in the area of the stage–how can they manipulate and interact with the projection construct-a construct as opposed to a solid surface–a breathing floating move-able projectable space-a space that changes based on the people (musicians-singers) as they are placed within and around it.

Well… for now I need to concentrate on music, I will be looking at more sybalius (spelling? the computer program for writing music) on the computer tommorow with Pete. Will try to get to the Carravagio exhibit next week hopefully.