Amanda’s Journal: April 7, 2005, Thursday

Thursday, April 7, 2005

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Well, today was something very special. The entire company went to Sue’s house to talk with each other, the video and costume designer and an architect and linguist. This was to get everyone on the same page regarding the new piece. On Monday the company met with Leonardo DaVinci scholar Martin Kemp. Sue’s idea is that the dancers will all hear and discuss these varied topics and find common threads within themselves or the informants and with this information the dancers will begin movement generation for the new piece. Sue is talking a lot about walking and has been reading Grey’s Anatomy and Paul Auster’s New York Trilogy looking for passages on walking. At the very base her thought is that the dancers will walk through these varied bits of information reacting or not reacting to them. Okay, I am not explaining this very well but it is just the beginning. The dancers have not even begun working with movement so as of yet there are just thoughts out there.

I really enjoyed the dynamic of this day. Watching Sue talk with the dancers and letting them free to discuss and argue, even opening them up to question her as to her ideas. As thrilled as Sue seemed to be learning new things she seemed even more thrilled to have all her dancers there learning with her. As the day went on the dancers became more comfortable talking about their process of making dances within Sue’s company. Some work with her because of her process and would not have it any other way, and for some it is still anew process and one that they struggle with. It is not easy being let free in a studio for some two weeks trying and trying to come up with original movement again and again. Sometimes it feels like re-inventing the wheel. Sue was not bothered, or did not seem to be bothered, by her dancers struggle. Instead she very openly accepted that perhaps she and those dancers should find a different way of working so that the comfort level would be enough for that dancer to be free to create what it is they are there to create. It was a blessing to me to see that Sue truly believes that the dancers she has working with her are the ones she wants working with her and that the work is what it is because of the dancers and their connection to her. Very refreshing!