Amanda’s Journal: April 16, 2005, Saturday

Saturday, April 16, 2005

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We went off to PARTS in Brussels yesterday to visit the school and learn more about how the program and curriculum work. I have been interested in the school for quite some time and we thrilled to finally have the chance to learn more about it. I was surprised to see that ballet classes play an integral role in the training of the students. They use the classes to give the students technique. It is not that they are training students to become professional ballet dancers it is just that they feel that the technique and control needed to execute the class are important tools for the dancer. Well I certainly agree but actually thought I was on my own on that one. Good to know I am not so crazy after all. Perhaps it is that my own training was so closed off from the contemporary dance scene that I never made the effort to notice. Or perhaps it is that ballet is such a part of the European dance scene that it is not an option to separate the two worlds, however I do not really think that I believe that so really what am I trying to say? I have no idea! Sorry for the extreme ramble but this is where I am. This is what I am struggling with on a personal level. Where does my ballet training and background come into play in my own explorations into the contemporary dance scene? I mean I cannot leave it behind, as it is an integral part of my background and training. Sue (Siobhan Davies) was adamant about the fact that it is a part of me that will be a part of all I do so I should learn to accept that and work with that and use that as a reference point to some degree.