Tobin’s Journal: April 16, 2005, Saturday

Saturday, April 16, 2005

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Almost a week since last entry. In Utrecht now. A beautiful city although our schedule has been full since arrival. On our first evening, as part of Spring Dance Festival, we saw Bruno Beltrao’s show H2. It was truly interesting experience. Especially after the time touring with Rennie, to see this new take on a hip hop show. The Hip Hop movement was entirely deconstructed, set within a simple and clean designed environment of a projected sentence.


as the show progresses, the sentence is reduced. i.e, HIP HOP LOVES THE BEAT this led into an entrancing solo in a cube of white light– in silence

at HIP HOP LOVES- a very memorable, and I think daring moment, was when the entire cast, all men, lined up on the front of the stage and proceeded to engage in a long kiss with each other. The quality of the lighting stayed very much in the realm of a LCD quality, as though they were being lit by projector light only–or “digital” light. By the end of the show they were saturated in chroma, popping out from orange and greens reminiscent of an atari missile command background color.

The evening before we left London, we went to see A COMPANY OF SOLDIERS and LAKENHEATH, the first two docs in a series on the Iraq war. I am trying to catch up her, so I will talk more about this later, but it was an interesting show, especially A COMPANY OF SOLDIERS. The Director spoke afterwards. It was haunting and sparked a lot of conversation. We saw a different version than what as shown in the states, but the director said they were essentially the same, just with much less naration in the UK cut.

Yesterday visited PARTS in Brussels, dance school of ROSAS, got the name of a multimedia research lab and post graduate studies program in France that I want to check out- Le Fresnoy. then saw two shows Charrlotte Van Eynde, Nicole Beutler, very challenging.