Tobin’s Journal: April 3, 2005

Sunday, April 3, 2005

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Beautiful days in London, can you believe it? The sun has been shining for two days without any rain. A great start. Met with Pete Wyer today for brunch in Chelsea and then a long walk through the city along with Amanda. I have been getting filled in on the details for the project. The “Tristan and Isolde” inspired opera has taken the title “Saccades and Fixations.” There will be a scratch performance at the BAC in May, in which we will test early ideas against a small audience. I saw the scratch advertised yesterday and got that nervous feeling. The one I always get when you see an advertisement for the show that does not yet exist. What is exciting is that I will be with Pete right at the start of the music writing process. He begins work tomorrow and I will be there. I am also going to help him with the Chelsea-Chelsea project, which is premiering at the Jazz at Lincoln Center Festival in April. All in all in will be full immersion into phase one, the music-writing portion of the process. I think being so involved in this part of the process will effect the way the video comes into play. How? I do not know yet. Just trying to stay loose and open. I am hoping I haven’t lost too much of my music theory skills–but I think I am very very rusty; Will know for sure when I am looking at notes on a screen. I am looking forward to the extended time with Pete. When I was in London working on Adam’s Apple I was entirely removed form the composition side of the process. I was basically just handed cds, after Pete had been hidden away in a studio for days. I think this could possibly lead (the involvement in the composition process) to looking at ways in which the composition of the video can relate to the composition of the music. When you look at handwritten music on the manuscript, there is a definite energy and visual movement to it. I did use images of the written note way back in Carol Brown’s “View from Here” but I have a feeling that was just the teeny tiny tip of the iceberg. I am interested in playing with the patterns, and the lines, created through the written music. Anyhow…I am getting ahead of myself. Will see what happens this week.
Did a lot of people watching this weekend. London is great for it-especially in good weather. Everybody has been out of their homes and the city is just exploding with life. Brockwell park, one of the favorite places anywhere, was exploding with kids, and adults, and dogs, and men lying in their underwear (yes…its true, the sun can inspire…) frisbees and kites and ice cream men in tidy green aprons (looking much different from an American ice cream man). You can sit on a bench and it feels like you are sitting at the center of the world, the sky and grass and wind and humans blowing around in this amazing dance, sounds mixing together in a multi layered soundscape of barks and twigs snapping and hilarious laughter and wailing.–it was a much needed break, and I feel ready for the weeks ahead now.