Tobin’s Journal: April 30, 2005

Saturday, April 30, 2005

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Well, back in the swing of things a bit. Meaning that I am back in London with rehearsals for Sue. Last Thursday and Friday we worked with the composer Matteo Fargion(sp?). He brought in some traditional Italian folk songs for us to play with. He actually had some very specific ideas that he wanted us to play with. He was looking to see the melody of the music in the body without necessarily setting moves to the music. So he gave us each some specific tasks- first he gave the dancers words to create one step from. Random words like tire or attic- things like that. He wanted a move for each pulse so the moves were to be short and repeatable in that you would not have to take any extra time in between to do the repeat. From those moves we were to give each move a value on the musical scale. Then we were to put the move to the corresponding note on the scale for the song. (This is quite tough to explain in writing) Anyway, what we ended up with was some rather interestingly different moves to a musical song but the moves did not really sing within the body. So…we decided to create our moves from the same word or thought and then put each move to a note form the scale, etc. This did produce more of a melody within the body. He has many more layers on which he would like to play with the movement. One thing we started to look at before running out of time, as it was Friday, was to change the tensions of the moves. In order to do this without simply changing one or two of the moves was to change the value in accordance to the position of the note on the scale- we used the second line to begin putting tension into the first line. This makes no sense in writing!

Tobin came in to watch rehearsal on Friday and was so happy to see that Sue let her collaborators work with her dancers. We want to work with our dancers in a similar way with video and film direction so it was good to see this in practice with another company. Sue’s dancers tell me that this is not actually usual practice for the company. It is usually Sue and the dancers in the room with themselves. So I am seeing that from start to finish Sue is really challenging herself for this new piece. By bringing in the collaborators and idea generators to have direct contact with the dancers we are all getting a closer look into the absolute beginnings of the new piece.

As an aside, this weekend was the beginning of Passover and we were not with our family to celebrate. Tobin and I decided that we wanted to do something for ourselves and headed off to the grocery store to get all the fixin’s. Not such an easy task in London! Well not in Southeast London anyway! We managed to find some Matzah and some Homous that was Kosher for Passover. I made harroseth from apples and nuts and wine. And that is about all we could come up with really! We couldn’t even find horseradish, only horseradish sauce. I couldn’t cook up a chicken because our oven does not work. We thought we could go out for a roast chicken dinner but all the restaurants had sold out of their roasts by about 4pm. We have not yet been able to find roast chicken on a menu. This weekend we will have to head up to the north of London for a proper matzah ball soup.