Tobin’s Journal: April 6, 2005, Wednesday

Wednesday, April 6, 2005

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Well we have had a few days of gorgeous weather! How lucky for us. We had two glorious days spent walking through the park at the bottom of the hill- last time I was in this park it was February and we were filming a section for the SharpWire show Adam’s Apple. The ground was frozen and, of course, we had to begin the piece by lying on the ground wearing very little. Needless to say, this was a much better way to experience the park. We also walked to and through Brixton, which is a very international area with cheap eats and a great outdoor market of food and clothes and well, you name it. Today we had our fill of the London transport system and now understand the fantastic word “faff” as it truly describes the headache that can be had just trying to get around on a Sunday. Anyway, we headed into Chelsea for a late breakfast and then proceeded to give ourselves a walking tour along the South Bank. It was such a gorgeous day!

Tomorrow I begin my work with Sue and her company. This fellowship has been planned for such a long time that I can almost not believe that it is actually happening! I feel nervous and excited. It has been a while since I have had a “first day” feeling for anything. It is almost like that first day of school thing. I know it seems silly but, well, that is how it is. I went to the grocery store to get breakfast for the morning and snacks for the day. I laid out my clothes for tomorrow and packed my dance bag. I double-checked the train and bus schedules to be sure that I will make it on time. I have to get up early to make the train so I am sure to not sleep well tonight for fear of sleeping through the alarm. So, see what I mean about the “first day” thing?

Anyway, it will be so nice to see all of Sue’s dancers again and to take class and to really dig in to a new work and get this fellowship started. Wow! It is happening. Here we go!