Amanda’s Journal: May 1, 2005 Sunday

Sunday, May 1, 2005

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I spent Thursday in the theatre w/ Sue and co. as they went through Bird Song. She is a great stager. She moves bodies through space in a beautiful way. They were working on moving the video from the in-the-round production to the proscenium space. Some images transferred well, others did not. It was great to hear Sue work out how things would work better or differently in this new setting. How she and the designers would alter the new imagery to better fit the choreography. I am getting an amazing insight into a new way of working. Getting a better understanding of how I can work. Great to get inside portions of her work and understand how she arrived there. She has pulled me forward this week to explain different sections of Bird Song and has been so open to my asking questions about how she and the dancers arrived at the present state. They have been working on one particular section for a few weeks now. Sue was unhappy with how it had gone over in previous performances. It just wasn’t working how Sue had imagined and she had some other ideas that she wanted to play around with. I am really looking forward to seeing this process first hand in the creation of the new piece as opposed to after the fact as I am seeing with Bird Song.

I have been offered the potential to perform at the ROH in spring ‘06 with Snag. They produce the ‘Snagged and Clored’ festival of contemporary dance at the ROH2’s Clore studio. This is very exciting potential so I will be sure to keep up on the offer!

On Saturday we attended the ENO’s performance of Wagner’s Twilight of the Gods. It was a 6-hour extravaganza at the Colesium Theatre in Trafalger Square. This was the last performance of a two+ year process to present new productions of the entire ring cycle.

Saturday was also the opening night of the BAC’s Burst Festival where we are working on a Scratch performance for next week! More on this later!