Amanda’s Journal: May 17, 2005 Tuesday

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

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These are my last days here in London, as far as my work with Sue and her company. They go off on tour in Friday so I will not see them again until they come to Philly for the Live Arts Festival in September. Yesterday we spent about an hour on the new piece. The dancers had been working on highlighting one body part and making explorations and developments to showcase all the possibilities, real and imaginary. I joined in for a bit and watched for a bit. The first idea is that they might each come forward and sort of showoff one section of themselves. Sue insists that this is just a first thought for this idea and that it will surely develop and change with time. In keeping with the “Structures” idea, or theme, Sue has been looking at word puzzles. Things like tongue twisters- She sells seashells on the seashore. Its seashells she sells I’m sure. Laurent brought in some French ones from his childhood. One idea was to play with the words as movements. As they, or most of them, begin with “S” then “S” would be represented by the same move every time with perhaps different timings, levels or tensions. There are a lot of possibilities. I mentioned to Sue that I had just read some really good palindromes and perhaps that could be a good structure to play from. She agreed and brought in a whole book of word games today. I don’t know if I will see these ideas develop on this trip but I will be interested in seeing where it all goes!