Amanda’s Journal: May 4, 2005, Wednesday

Wednesday, May 4, 2005

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The costume designer for the new piece came into the studio today. She brought in structures that she has created for previous works so that the dancers could play with these added pieces and so that Sue could get a better picture of what she feels works and doesn’t. There were some great conversations about structures as costumes and as buildings etc. I took some notes on these ideas and will put them to a better presentation in a later log.

Company class this week was with Gil Clarke. What she looks to get from the dancers is exactly and absolutely what I was so miffed about not getting a few weeks ago! It is so thrilling to hear someone explain your ideas in a new way and to get a clearer picture into your own philosophies of movement through someone else’s eyes and words. She talks about the ups and the downs in the body, about the support structure and of the going up to go down and vice versa. You feel open and lifted yet grounded and with gravity. These were some of the most ethereal modern classes I have ever had. All it all it was very refreshing and informative as to the human body. I truly felt that the ideas presented could be brought into any movement and technique class. It makes me want to take a ballet class again just to experience it in this way. This is what I strive for when I teach ballet. Sometimes you think that your own ideas are purely that and then someone comes along in the most unexpected places and reiterates your thoughts. YEAH!