Amanda’s Journal: May 8, 2005 Sunday

Sunday, May 8, 2005

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Sue tells a story about how a trip to America changed the way she viewed her work and her process. I never quite understood how this could be. I do now. This trip to England and Europe has had a similar effect on me. It is somewhat unexplainable yet now her comment makes perfect sense to me. My views on my work and what it can be and how it can be done have changed. What remains to be seen as of yet is the actual change in the physical. Of course, this will only manifest itself in the studio on my return. No small feat but one for which I have found a new energy. I suppose I should apologize ahead of time if the work does no live up to any expectations but life is a journey and some of the paths are slow and treacherous. I have my walking boots on and may need to pick up a walking stick in the way, but damnit my bags are packed! Now where is the entrance?