Tobin’s Journal: May 17, 2005 Tuesday

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

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Saw the new opera, 1984, at Royal Opera House last night. We had great seats right in the center of the amphitheatre. Robert Lepage directed, Lorin Maazel conducted and wrote all the music. I had been excited to see it, but I was disappointed in the music. It was impenetrable for me, big and impressive and incredibly played, but no real emotional connection to the story that I could sense- or I could not connect to it anyway, the audience seemed to love it. Lepage’s work was incredible though. The production was visually stunning, the connections to modern day America are frightening, and he nudged the staging very much that direction. Orwell’s “newspeak” resonated particularly…yes, definitely reminded me of home. The music did do a good job of making you feel alienated and dehumanized-which is definitely part of the story…but I never really believed or felt the human vein within the machine, the love between the two characters that led to them exposing there hatred of big brother and risking everything–or why love and dreams were so threatening in Oceana. Well…love definitely does not reign in 1984. One thing for sure though…people should be rereading their old copies of 1984. More important now than ever.

Peace is war

Freedom is slavery

2+2 is 5

We love big brother…