Tobin’s Journal: May 19, 2005 Thursday-Stockholm

Thursday, May 19, 2005

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Sitting In my hotel catching up with a quick entry, then I have to find out where I can get on line and upload all this stuff. Long day of travel mishaps, but finally got here yesterday. A beautiful city. Turns out Matt is staying, literally, across the street from the hotel. Went over to the flat he is staying in and watched I heart huckabee. Great movie. Met his friends, all opera singers. Chatted some about 1984, and contemporary opera in general. Today walked around the city a bit with Grisha, had good conversations about video and our work. Before leaving London I heard from Pete that Stephanie withdrew completely from project. We are on the water here, and I can hear boat horns. Heading to theatre soon, Facing Mekka opens here tonight.