Good Things in April

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

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Here are three of the fun things we are doing when we are not getting ready for Open Studio or the Self Portrait premiere…

Star Wars exhibit at The Franklin Institute Nourish your inner geek.  We went and loved it.  Believe me, adults were having as much fun as kids.  Go midweek to avoid the mobs.  The detail and artistry of the original models will leave you crying for the days before CGI, and the medical technology exhibit is…well… you will be telling all your friends about it.  NOTE: They won’t let you enter with a lightsaber, toy or not.

Lunch at Vientiane Cafe This is one of our favorite new spots.  Head to West Philadelphia for great Thai/Laotian food and an affordable lunch special.  Beware of the spicy stuff,  the green curry don’t play. Delicious.  4728 Baltimore Ave, between S.47th & S.48th Streets

Watch Autism the Musical on HBO OK…it’s a bad title…but I really liked this documentary about kids with autism making a musical.  The film kept out of its own way and showed in an understated manner the power of the arts to transform and affect the lives of children. If you don’t have HBO get your friend to record this one for you.

Morocco & Spain from Mike Matas on Vimeo.