Fun Things to Do

Thursday, August 14, 2008

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#1 - Ride your bike! it will make you feel good, and the MPG is infinite. For extra fun take the bike path along the Schulkyll River. You can get on at 25th and Locust and take it to the Art Museum and beyond. It is also a great way to get to the Miro Studio when Open Studio is back next month.

#2 - Get a vegan soft serve at B2, corner of Dickinson and Passyunk. Amanda calls it “cold wet icy icing” and its delicious (they have regular soft serve too).

#3 - Eat outside…anywhere...but tapas from Bar Ferdinand at Liberty Walk is mighty nice.(2nd St. south of Girard Ave)

#4 - The 941 Theater at 941 front street. It’s not pretty…but that may just be what makes it great. Some brave Phiily souls have got their own thing goin’ on–and we applaud that. This is an underground movie theatre in Northern Liberties with lots of soul. Check it out. Can be easily combined with #1 and #3.