Things to do: August

Friday, August 29, 2008

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#1 – Live Arts Festival! Since we aren’t performing this Summer, we will be checking out as much new stuff as we can. Our suggestion: if it looks interesting to you, check it out! We plan to definitely catch Jan Fabre’s Another Sleepy Dusty Delta Day, Miro hosted and participated in a Fabre workshop at Miro Studio this year, and his work is always unpredictable, smart, outragous, and something to talk about; Erica Saben in the IN FLUX show. Erica danced with us for Principles of Uncertainty at last year’s festival, and competed in Cinco de Miro. She’s new on the Philly scene and has interesting ideas on dance. We’ll be heading out to West Philly to see Geoff Sobelle and Charlotte Ford’s Flesh and Blood and Fish and Fowl. Geoff and Charlotte are our neighbors at the “Mech”, the Girard College building where we both have studios, and we watched the early days of this shows development. We are excited to see the finished product. These are just a few and we will be seeing a lot more–make your own decisions, take risks, have fun!

#2 – Be nice to someone for no reason, nothing religious here…but its hot, and people get cranky…y’know what I mean? Just be nice to someone, especially if they are being a complete #$%#%$@@…and see what happens. If it doesn’t go well…eat a chocolate covered banana from Whole Foods or a soft serve (see last months newsletter).

#3 – Learn a new Skill…our friend and favorite radio guy Charlie Schroeder decided to do a decathlon, maybe you should try something easier…but check him out on NPR’s Weekend America website cuz he’s funny and there’s video. Charlie says “you will be inspired…”. And when you are relaxing from learning your new skill, whatever it may be, make sure to check out Charlie’s website, ,where you can find lots of other stories and good stuff.

#4 – Curl up with a good book or DVD in front of the fan (or AC if you got it). Our Managing Director, Priya, has “lost her head” over The Tudors on DVD, and the book The Other Boleyn Girl which she says is way better than the movie. Check it out, but don’t use it as an excuse to not see some live theatre or dance.