Self Portrait plays to standing room only crowd in Poland (and gets the iron clap).

Sunday, December 7, 2008

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[miropolandpostertiny.jpg image goes here] What?? Yes, you read right. We had a great show at the Lublin Dance Theatre Festival on Saturday night. We had heard rumours of the Eastern European Iron Clap, a unison pounding rythmic show of appreciation in which the entire crowd becomes one regimented clapping force until the performers return to the stage for another bow or two. The tales were true. Miro recieved the iron clap from an enthusiastic Lublin audience following the European premiere of the Frida Kahlo inspired Self-Portrait at the A.C.K. Theatre. The theater filled quickly, and start time was delayed as the crowd filled to overflowing, with extra chairs brought in, people sitting on the floor, crammed into stairs and aisles, and standing in back corners. There is a review on Critical, although it is in Polish (we will hopefully have a translation soon). Amanda has been teaching here all week, and it is encouraging to all of us to see Lublin’s thriving young audence base which is hungry to learn about and experience as much new dance work as possible.

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