Update on Amanda and Tobin’s activities in Cambodia

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

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Amanda’s adventures in Cambodia have been “full on”, to use her words. She’s in rehearsal for “Pamina Devi” and took on private rehearsal time with the Pin-Peat orchestra. Pin-Peat is the traditional percussion orchestra that accompanies traditional dance performances. This new experience is technically difficult and rhythmically different for a Western trained dancer. See how she’s been living by checking out her blog: 

Tobin has been offered another show in Cambodia! After the show at MetaHouse his work will move to SaSa gallery.  Audience integrated work is new and unusual in Cambodia and gallery goers are interested in finding out more. Tobin is also  teaching a workshop on performance technology and concept. Many of the workshop participants are pressing boundaries into the use of the body. When he’s not teaching and producing gallery shows, he’s getting a professional shave at the barber shop. Find out more about Tobin’s adventures in Cambodia here: http://www.tobinrothlein.com/blog/