Tuesday, June 4, 2013

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Miller Rothlein shares its vision with the general, artistic and professional communities through custom consultancies, residencies and workshops.  Under the leadership of Tobin Rothlein, these consultancies and other engagements focus on the power of the arts and creative collaboration as a base for positive change across diverse fields, with focus in the areas of Aesthetic Education, Arts Integration, Social Emotional Learning, and diverse models of collaboration and engagement.

Miller Rothlein believes in the importance of establishing creative and mutually beneficial partnerships with other organizations, individuals and artists in the communities where we live, work, and create.

Miller Rothlein (MIRO)’s Girard College Educational Program and Residency.


In 2006, Miller Rothlein was invited by David Timony, then the Chair of the Fine Arts Department at Girard College, to participate in a groundbreaking partnership in which Girard College provides Miller Rothlein with year-round studio and office space in return for establishing a program for the students. We designed a program that encourages creative thinking, provides mentorship, and teaches foundations in dance performance.


Girard College is a private boarding school for academically capable students, grades 1 through 12, from families with limited financial resources that are headed by a single parent or guardian. In this direct in-kind partnership, MIRO provides not only dance/arts education for middle school students, but also a professional model of arts career, and mentorship through projects conceived by older students at the school and guided to realization by Miller Rothlein.  In this model, older students receive direct mentorship in problem solving, time management, and completion of a project. They receive leadership experience through working with the younger students. All the students together are empowered by the rewards of collaboration, and the power of seeing an idea, their idea, become action.


In addition, we have looked to ways to include the Girard program in all of Miller Rothlein’s educational and artistic work both locally and Globally.  We have done this by having all of our collaborators offer a talk or educational experience within the program, and by working to connect the students at Girard to our students in places as remote as Cambodia and India.






In the 8 years we have worked with youth at Girard College, we developed a strong passion for art as a base for positive change. With each year we have worked to increase our educational offerings internationally and regionally while still focusing on our work locally with Girard college students.  We take pride in being a small community minded organization with global reach and big ideas. We understand the value of  being in a room teaching. In a shared space. We also understand we cannot physically be many places as once. We wanted to reach more kids and young adults and we needed a solution. BASE is the solution we found.


We’d love to talk to you more about BASE in person.
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