MIRO Spotlight: Kristin Kest

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

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Kristen Kest Photo



Kristin Kest is serving as dramaturge for Forbidden Creature Virgin Whore and will be writing a companion essay. She joined us in the studio will be returning throughout the process to keep these characters both fantastical and very real.

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Together, Amanda Miller and Kristin Kest researched and dialogued about how female characters are presented in the dance and fiction/fairy tale genres. “As a dancer, coming from the classical ballet world, I grew up in an environment that not only keeps its women in a place of childhood – we were called girls while the men were called men – but also contributes to the princess fantasy by continuously presenting works about fairies and creatures and young women who need men to break a spell or save them from some sort of terrible fate,” said Miller. “When I first saw Kristin Kest’s work I was immediately moved by her presentation of female characters in fantasy fiction, especially in her presentation of our classic fairy tales told to us as children. Without re-writing the text, Kest was able to present these characters in a contemporary setting, with contemporary skills and thoughts and actions that do not necessarily change the story but give us a new perspective in viewing the tale.”

Kest and Miller in the studio

Kest Illustration








Above images: Kristin Kest in May, 2013, Kest and Miller in the studio, and illustration by Kest.