Civilian / Warrior



“Some part of your brain is going: ‘Wh-what am I doin’? How did I get here? Because… y’know, an hour ago I was on the internet.’” – from Civilian / Warrior




Directed by Tobin Rothlein, Civilian / Warrior reinterprets the classic and unfinished Büchner stage play, Woyzeck, through interviews and imagery from recent war veterans. The resulting hybrid combines documentary film, multi-screen video installation, and movement. Rothlein worked with a team of consultants and contributors, including former Army Sergeant John McCary, hip-hop legend Rennie Harris, Seattle-based choreographer Maureen Whiting, co-director Amanda Miller, and the MIRO dancers. Developed in part at the Grand Theater, Holland, this work was showcased in Groningen’s Noorderzon Theater & Crossover Festival in 2006.

Concept, Visuals and Direction: Tobin Rothlein
Choreography: Rennie Harris, Amanda Miller, Tobin Rothlein, Maureen Whiting
Performers: Amanda Miller, Viji Rao, Tobin Rothlein, Paul Struck
Lighting Design: James Clotfelter
Veterans/Consultants: John McCary, Eric Johnson

Civilian / Warrior was funded in part by Dance Advance, a program of the Philadelphia Center for Arts and Heritage, an initiative of the Pew Charitable Trusts, administered by the University of the Arts; The Pennsylvania Council on the Arts; and The Grand Theater, Groningen, Holland.


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