Miller Rothlein (MIRO) creates and performs original work that explores the collaborative intersections of contemporary dance, video, and visual art.

In 2004 dancer and choreographer Amanda Miller and video and visual artist Tobin Rothlein founded Miller Rothlein in order to realize their unique creative vision, and explore the intersections of contemporary dance, video, and visual art. Miller, with ten years experience as a dancer at the Pennsylvania Ballet and choreographic studies in Europe under Siobhan Davies, is at the helm of MIRO’s choreographic exploration. Rothlein, whose work as video artist and visual designer for Rennie Harris Puremovement and others has garnered accolades nationally and internationally, oversees the company’s work in combining dance, multi-media and visual arts. Miller Rothlein produces the work of Miller and Rothlein alongside special collaborations with invited friends and guests.

Miller Rothlein shares its vision with the general and artistic communities through outreach in the form of residency activities, open studios, workshops, master classes, and access to visiting artists. MIRO believes in the importance of establishing creative and mutually beneficial partnerships with other organizations, individuals and artists in the communities where we live, work, and perform.

Miller Rothlein’s vision is:

  • To be recognized in the international dance field as a leader in cross disciplinary approaches that invite people to redefine and reevaluate the traditional boundaries of the performing and visual arts.
  • To be among the top performing arts companies in the country providing practice based education in contemporary dance, video and visual arts.
  • To be an example of a healthy and creative work environment where the thinking dancer is a unique and intelligent partner in the creation process.
  • To be recognized as a valuable cultural asset to the Greater Philadelphia Community, sharing international collaborations, processes, and new works through community engagement and outreach.
  • To serve as cultural ambassador for the arts community of Philadelphia, nationally and internationally.

Core Values
Miller Rothlein believes strongly in the notion of company core values. For us these are values woven into the very fabric of the organization. They are the pillars of MIRO and it is our intention to always embrace these values, consider them in our decision-making process, and never compromise them, even in the pursuit of stated goals.

These are:

  • Artistic integrity
  • Risk taking, content-driven art
  • Flexibility, mobility, and freedom
  • Supportive, collaborative, positive atmosphere – healthy work ecology
  • Allow for success – don’t ever hold back progress