For Students

Miller Rothlein offers a wide variety of opportunities to students interested in experiencing new ideas in dance, performance, and visual art. Programs range from creative learning initiatives for grade school students to pre-professional opportunities for advanced high school and college students. Focusing on the creative process and keeping in line with the company’s working model our programs for students bring tomorrow’s artists and creative thinkers into contact with today’s practitioners of contemporary dance, performance, and visual art.


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PARC Berlin is a six week practice-based and individualized program consisting of a combination of reading, writing, studio practice in movement and visual media, and mentorship – along with a steady cycle of visiting scholar/artists that bring unique views, practices and critical feedback to both the group, and the individual student.


The program is geared toward students with strong foundations across the spectrum of dance and visual arts. Individuals with an interest in 4D, performance and Cross Platform work, will thrive during intensive pre-professional training, networking and artistic exchange in one of Europe’s most exciting cultural centers.  Undergraduate and post-graduate students from the US, EU and beyond committed to investigation and Cross Platform experimentation are ideal candidates.


The program utilizes Berlin as a backdrop for the semester and all participants will encounter the city through studio visits, performances and excursions (both curricular and social). This intensive six-week program concentrates on weekday classes and evening activities centered around guest artist activities, rehearsals and performances. Students will be encouraged to take advantage and draw from Berlin’s rich international artistic community.


Guest lectures and seminars enrich the core technical curriculum; gallery visits and performances in Berlin will provide an integral perspective as the students witness the new techniques in practice.   Courses include:

  • Foundations in Performance: Body as Medium
  • Foundations in Performance: New Genres
  • Improvisational Systems
  • Individual mentoring / studio practice
  • Critical Theory
  • Contemporary Criticism


Core faculty consists of Amanda Miller, Tobin Rothlein and Antony Rizzi (Frankfurt Ballett, Troubelyn/Jan Fabre, Pina Bausch, Independant artist).  Six additional rotating instructors will be drawn from Berlin’s dance, performance and visual arts communities—with a focus on student exposure to working artists in flexible sessions that best fit those artists’ innovative and practice-based methods.