For Universities

Miller Rothlein offers a variety of master classes, choreographic workshops, interactive lecture demonstrations, and open rehearsals that support Miller Rothlein’s unique views on integrating contemporary dance, video, and visual art. We cater our specific outreach activities to the needs of our community and University partners, but have included some examples of common activities below.


  • (Foundations in) Performance: New Genres

This studio-laboratory environment will introduce cross-media (Cross Platform) performance and installation to students. Students will be introduced to video/electronic, light/space, and relational arts practices with a focus on concept, materiality, process, form, and technology.

  • (Foundations in) Performance: Body as Medium

This course will introduce basic ideas of anatomy, physicality, and movement practice, including yoga and contemporary dance techniques. With a focus on the body in performance and audience/performer relationships, the course will include practice in 4-dimensional performance generation.

  • Creation/Performance of New Work

These workshops are based on Miller Rothlein company practice. Assignments and task-based improvisations provide source material for the work that is particular to the participants. Working in tandem with the company, the students learn creative techniques and practice-based research methods to explore their own creativity within a mentored environment. Creating in parallel, both the company and the students gain energy from each other.  Miller and Rothlein direct and provide feedback for the student work, so that – when desired – two distinct pieces may be developed out of the same materials and techniques.  In keeping with Miller Rothlein’s vision – to be an example of a healthy and creative work environment where the thinking dancer is a unique and intelligent partner in the creation process – the new work is ultimately reflective of its creators/participants and their individual contributions and potentials.


  • Dance Technique & Repertory (Amanda Miller)

Ballet Technique, Contemporary Technique, Improvisation Techniques and Repertory (choreography from Miller Rothlein productions taught to pre-professional, professional and college level students).

  • New Performance Media in Practice (Tobin Rothlein)

Rothlein addresses the line between performance and dance, materiality of the body, and visual technologies in and as performance.

  • Lecture Demonstration (Miller & Rothlein)

Incorporates discussion, performance, and audience participation to engage the host community, and create excitement and interest in the process of performance.


Residency activities are catered to the needs, interests, and experience levels of each community. Residency classes share the expertise and movement philosophy of Miller Rothlein’s directors and dancers.

  • University Teaching Residency

Miller Rothlein teaching residencies combine three separate elements: master classes, workshops, and new work creation/performance.  The way Miller Rothlein works provides extreme flexibility for the time constraints of the university system.  We offer one-day, one-week, multi-visit, and multi-week options.

  • Custom-Designed Community Residency

We believe dance and other mediums can be used to communicate ideas without losing the intrinsic qualities of individual performers. Miller Rothlein reaches out to people of all backgrounds and ages with residencies focused on the creative process. They are designed for serious students and professionals, dancers and non-dancers alike. A standard residency format brings either one or two teachers into a community for up to ten days of custom-designed activities.