Girard College Program

Girard College provides Miro with studio space in exchange for establishing and maintaining a dance program for its students, who are in grades 1 through 12 and from families that are headed by a single parent or guardian with limited financial resources. In addition to the classes that incorporate both dance and video, Miro also provides a model of successful administrative and artistic careers in the arts, introducing the students to various professionals from the dance and performance fields while teaching them how to use dance and  the performing arts as a healthy and constructive means to express themselves and their views of the world around them.

The program mirrors the creative work of the company, with the Girard students addressing parallel issues and ideas during the school’s after-school enrichment programming.  In addition to providing valuable resources for the company, the residency at Girard College also speaks directly to Miro’s mission of bringing its interdisciplinary and inclusive view of dance and contemporary art to local audiences across social, economic, and ethnic boundaries.