Teaching Philosophy

Miller Rothlein is a company with an emphasis on learning. We encourage engagement and involvement with artists and audiences alike around its exploration and integration of contemporary dance, performance, and visual art. Teaching how these media can be used to communicate ideas while focusing on the intrinsic qualities of the individual artist is an important component of our educational work.


Miller Rothlein believes that conceptual art practice (performance and visual art) and classical/technical foundations are not asynchronous, nor exclusive of one another, but are in fact symbiotic, two sides of the same coin. We believe that as an artist ventures into new media, it is the artist’s dialogue with their own foundational training (what they embrace, what they reject, what they react against) that becomes the base of successful cross platform work. Miller Rothlein’s training program draws fields together – specifically the areas of dance, choreography, lens-based visual works and conceptual performance art with technical foundation.

Miller Rothlein is not looking at dance and visual arts separately, but as one unified, greater 4-D performance practice in which artists choose their tools based on necessity, concept, and (their own technical) foundation, with a broad understanding of contemporary art and movement theory.


The 4th dimension – time – along with action, space, and shape, is one of the core components of live performance practice. When artists work with movement or with the body as medium, duration is a crucial point of interaction with other artistic platforms.

4D examines time-based artistic practice and encourages a multifaceted approach to art making where the forms of expression and aesthetic dialogue are open and evolving, and where divisions between art disciplines are fluid.

4D students are encouraged to combine and integrate time-based techniques, approaches and theories in video, film, performance, sound art, installation, and choreography.