Hurdy Gurdy




So let us patiently make the best of the turmoil.
  –Gustav Mahler in a letter to his wife, Anna



Gustav Mahler’s recurring vision of a carnival hurdy gurdy player grounds this unorthodox interpretation of the composer’s life and music. Letters and writings of Gustav and his wife Alma steep the piece in old dreams and new realities as time is turned on its head. Choreographer Johannes Wieland (based in New York and Kassel, Germany) joins Miller Rothlein to probe the intersection of Mahler’s hundred-year old story with the present. Hurdy Gurdy features the music of Gustav Mahler as re-envisioned by Uri Caine and Pete Wyer.

Premiere: 09/07/2005  Live Arts Festival, Plays and Players Theater, Philadelphia, PA

Conceived by: Amanda Miller and Tobin Rothlein
Video: Tobin Rothlein
Lighting: James Clotfelter
Costume and Set Design: Carol Bailey
Assistants to Costume and Set Designer: Heidi Leigh Hanson, Rose Sylvester.
Choreography: Amanda Miller and Johannes Wieland
Dramaturge: Tobin Rothlein
Music: Gustav Mahler, arranged and adapted by Uri Caine
Symphony #1 Third Movement, performed by The Relache Ensemble
Symphony #5 Funeral March, performed by the Uri Caine Ensemble
Now will the Sun Rise as Brightly, performed by the Uri Caine Ensemble
Gustav Mahler arranged and adapted by Pete M. Wyer
Die zwei blauen Augen von meinem Schatz, with Soprano Helen Withers
Original cast: Rick Callender, Renee Robinson-Buzby, Amanda Miller, Melissa Toogood, Andre Zachery
Hurdy Gurdy was funded in part by The National Endowment for the Arts, and the 5 County Arts Fund.
“…a mix of visual and aural brilliance and distinct choreographic signatures.” – The Philadelphia Inquirer

“In Miller’s choreography exquisite composite images abound.” – The Philadelphia Inquirer



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