Principals of Uncertainty






“… it seemed as though a thousand watchers were leaving or hovering there, in a space transformed by art.” – The Philadelphia Inquirer







50 drummers, 25 dancers, 2 video artists, and the science of particle acceleration: a collaborative experiment between Nadia Hironaka, Eugene Lew, Amanda Miller, and Tobin Rothlein. The four traveled to Fermilab National Laboratory – home to the Tevatron particle accelerator. This machine smashes infinitesimally small particles together at insanely high energy levels. The four collaborators worked with larger particles (humans), different means of acceleration (drum kits), and a control room of immense video projections. Results are uncertain, but immense energy and the unexpected are guaranteed.

Premiere: 9/7/2007  Live Arts Festival, 2nd and Race Streets, Philadelphia, PA.

Original Concept: Nadia Hironaka
Music Director: Eugene Lew
Choreographic Concept: Amanda Miller
Video: Tobin Rothlein and Nadia Hironaka
Original Cast:     MIRO: Dana Dlugosz, Amanda Miller, Guillermo Ortega, Jill Stifel, and Paul Struck.     Guests: Kiera Conners, Brujo de la Mancha, Jessica Dull, Tomas Dura, Yehwande Goodwin, Habiba, Kelsey Howard, Cazica Hunter, Jodi Netzer, Viji  Rao, and Erica Saben

Principles of Uncertainty was funded in part by the 5 County Arts Fund, and by the Interdisciplinary Professional Development Grant, a funding initiative of the Pew Charitable Trusts, as administered by the University of the Arts.

“…an improbable circle formed… the marking of beings from another world.”—Nathanial Popkin

“Collisions sent them (the dancers) reeling off course to sweep and stagger through onlookers. It reminded me of the 1980s Drastic Classicism of Karole Armitage and Rhys Chatham, taking upright, trained dancers and throwing them into an aural mosh pit.” – The Philadelphia Inquirer

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