Spooky Action







If our two parallels continued to infinity, the moment would come when they would touch.—Italo Calvino












In Spooky Action, interactions between technology and bodies tell the twin stories of quantum and human entanglement—the invisible connections between particles and people. Inspired by an initial research trip to Fermilab National Accelerator Laboratory, Miller Rothlein worked with some of the world’s top physicists to develop the piece.  The result: a quantum love story of human proportions.

Premiere: 04/07/2009 The Lively Arts, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana, PA

Concept and Direction: Amanda Miller and Tobin Rothlein
Video: Tobin Rothlein
Lighting: James Clotfelter
Costume Design: Millie Hiibel
Original Score: Pete M. Wyer
Set Design: James Clotfelter and Tobin Rothlein
Original Cast: Dana Dlugosz, Joy Havens, Scott Lowe, Paul Struck

Spooky Action was commissioned by Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) Lively Arts, and funded, in part, by a New Directions grant from PennPAT. The Hippotizer Video Technology for Spooky Action is made possible through the support and sponsorship of Green Hippo Ltd, in London, England.

“[In] Spooky Action, the sides of the story are definitely deep.”
-Deni Kasral, Philadelphia Citypaper

“Would you believe them… believe that you could be many things at once?”
-text from Spooky Action

“Utterly unified… spare, elegant and emotive dance.”
-Philadelphia Inquirer

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Spooky Action: Struck Falling  Spooky Action: Struck Projection  Spooky Action: Dlugosz solo with projection  Spooky Action: Falling  Spooky Action: Lowe  Spooky Action: Lowe 2  Spooky Action: Struck  Spooky Action: entangled  Spooky Action: Breakdown  Spooky Action: Wave or Particle
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